Prism Tie Dye

"It will wear out before it fades"

If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.
— Dr. Seuss

The Idea

When my husband John and I, Joy Kane, first went to Oregon to visit his sister, we fell in love with the vibe and aesthetic of the Portland, Oregon. We loaded up on quality tie dye shirts and gear and headed home. What we found back in Indiana was a severe lack of high quality tie dye so we investigated and began making tie dye for ourselves.  Our family and friends became interested and we make tie dye for them also.  In 2006 we were encouraged to open up our first vendor booth at the West Lafayette Farmer's Market and share our tie dye with the community.  The business has taken off from there and we hope to continue to share our tie dye with others.

Style & Quality

The products we select to dye are all made of natural fibers. Our t-shirts are a heavy 100% cotton. We can dye clothing and textiles made of cotton, silk and rayon. We try to find the best quality items that we would like for ourselves to dye for our customers. We use a high quality professional dye that will look bright and stay consistent for years to come. 

100% Handmade

Our products are made in small batches dying each item individually.  We tie and dye each item in our home studio.  We take time to make each item the best it can be.