Prism Tie Dye

"It will wear out before it fades"

Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions about our products and we grow from our customers and their requests.


Will my items shrink when I wash them?

In the process, we wash the items 3 - 4 times in hot water and so any shrinkage of our products will have primarily have taken place before you receive your items.

Will my items fade?

The items do not fade.  The will wear out before they fade.  The only time an item might face would be if it is in the sun a great deal of time, such as a flag.

How do I wash my item? Will the item run or bleed?

We suggest that you wash your item in cold water with clothing of similar color a time or two in case of any dye discharge.  We try to get all the dye out of the items, but to make sure, we make this suggestion.

How do I dry my item?

We suggest that you hang to dry, but dryer is fine.  We dry our tie dye in our dryer.


If I need a special request, how do you handle those requests?

Please contact us by email or phone for any special requests.  We can dye most anything cotton that holds still long enough.  Our business grows by your requests.